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The “Play Clean” program was launched by CSCF and the International Volleyball Federation (Fédération Internationale de Volleyball, FIVB) in 2021. “Play Clean” is an integrity education tool focusing on anti-doping, providing information to athletes and personnel about their rights and responsibilities regarding the subject.  

The interactive educational material is fully aligned with the latest version of the World Anti-Doping Code, and it incorporates lessons and quizzes for the participants to expand their knowledge on the topic. 

“Play Clean” has went on to become a mandatory requirement for athletes and accredited medical personnel to participate in FIVB and volleyball world competitions. 

The program is updated every Olympic cycle, and whenever there are major changes made to the code, so that players and personnel can always stay up to date about anti-doping, ensuring a clean playing field for all. 

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The FIVB is committed to ensuring an equal field of play for our athletes by protecting clean sport. We consider education to be an integral part of this, which is why we continue to support the Volleyball Family with educational resources such as Play Clean.

Dr Ary S. Graça


FIVB President

This free and online education tool ensures that our stakeholders fully understand their responsibilities, so they can play their role in protecting clean sport and the integrity of volleyball and beach volleyball.

Dr Ary S. Graça


FIVB President

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